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A collection of short stories I write for fun and practice.

The Behemoth Attack


Detective McFly was the first detective on the scene. He was a small, rugged fly with tough wings and a furry face. “What’s the buzz?” he asked no one in particular. “Male,” replied one of the techs, “seven days old, reportedly on his way home from a shit feast. Three witnesses say they saw him antagonizing a pair of Behemoths.” “My god. Do we have...

The Birthday Visitor


On his thirteenth birthday, Thursday, June 5th, 1997, his teacher called him out for being a terrible student. “You’ll see,” Mr. Bartlett said, “next year on this day, you’ll still be a bad student unless you change your habits.” So, on that night, Carter wished he could see what his life was like the following year. After blowing out his candles, he thought...

The Birds & the Bees


“Mommy,” Quentin said, “Where do babies come from?” “Shit,” Kate said, muttering to herself. She looked around her immediate area for her husband. “We should ask daddy!” “OK!” Quentin held his mother’s hand and dragged her along, from room to room, looking for his father. He found his father, Harold, in the living room. Harold was looking at funny pictures of cats on the Internet. “Daddy!” “Hey...


I'm a software developer by day, and writer by night. I also write code at night, and occasionally words by day. Really, the main takeaway is I enjoy typing on a keyboard a lot.

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