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Introducing Walkles, pet care management software made simple.


Last year, my wife quit her job and decided to become a dog walker, and she’s awesome at it. When you start something like that, one of the very first things you need is a website, so I helped her out with that. As she got more clients, she needed more features to help her schedule her walks, invoice users, etc. We evaluated existing services and they problem they ALL shared was they were...

Capistrano & delayed_job With Rails 4


If you’ve tried deploying your Rails 4 app using Capistrano, and you happen to also be using the delayed_job gem, you may have encountered a problem. bash: script/delayed_job: No such file or directory The solution is actually quite simple. Rails 4 uses the bin directory in place of the script directory, so add this to your deploy.rb file: set :delayed_job_command...


I'm a software developer by day, and writer by night. I also write code at night, and occasionally words by day. Really, the main takeaway is I enjoy typing on a keyboard a lot.

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