RaiBlocks alerts tool added to do•rai•me.

I’m glad people are using the donation widget I put together on do•rai•me. Anything that leads to adoption is good for the RaiBlocks community.

Thanks to that effort, I received a couple of donations (thanks!) but didn’t know about them until I logged into RaiWallet. It made me think others, especially those accepting donations, were having the same problem.

That’s why I decided to build an alert system for received transactions. You tell it what account you want to monitor, and you can receive an email notification and/or trigger a GET/POST webhook. The email notification is useful just to be notified of some money rolling in, but the webhook lets you connect external apps. Maybe you want to automatically update a donation tracker on your site with the amount of money you’ve gotten? Or maybe you’d like to automate sending 10% of your donations to your favorite charity? Whatever it is, the webhook will sort you out.